Saturday, July 21, 2012

Home Across The Mountains...

Home Across The Mountains Lyrics

Land of bear, Land of eagle,
Land that gave us birth and blessing,
Land that called us ever homeward..

We will go home across the mountains.
We will go home
We will go home
We will go home across the mountains. (whole chorus x2)

Hear our singing, Hear our longing,
We will go home across the mountains.

Chorus once

We will go home, singing our songs
We will go home across the mountains.

The above lyrics are from the Jerry Bruckheimer film "King Arthur" one of my all time favourite films for it's fresh approach to the story of this legendary knight!  The words move me as they convey a longing to be home at rest after wrestling with the grueling trials of life for so many years.  We all face challenges and it is what we do in those moments that help to define our individual destinies.  May your journey be a peaceful one that takes you "Home Across The Mountains"...

Sunday, May 13, 2012


A storm of reckoning has rolled onto the highway of life.  You swerve, you veer but to no avail you must face the brunt of it's ferocity.  Bracing for the initial impact you can't help but remember back to a simpler time where time itself felt like it stood still and had no desire to move from one second to the next.  It's at that exact moment you are overwhelmed with a groundswell of emotion that envelops your entire being splitting your soul wide open.  
The memories...oh the memories of past flood into a kaleidoscope of confusion!  

The storm is now upon you and there is no shelter, no cover, no way out other than to face it with all that is within you.  The body begins to buckle under the relentless onslaught of accusation and you begin to fear that all hope is lost.  The raw primitive side of your mind has been let loose from it's confinement as it now looks to strike back against it's opponent.  It's cold as the frost strikes like tiny metals daggers cutting your heart deeper and deeper until the hemorrhaging itself is inoperable.  Grasping for anything fruitful in content you realize that the end of a chapter is nearer than once thought possible.  The storm has moved on, at least for the time being...