Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Triumph of a Slow Burn

From conception to completion the light of life burns free and pure!

Though the winds rage against it, a fiery shadow earns its reward.

All the while this light requires the least to behave as guardian!

Choices made lead to paths of serenity and indecision.

Unwoven thoughts are laid bare at the altar of the One who decides!

Their inconsistency are mired in the dirt of promise and servitude.

Cautious is the weary traveler in search of truth and character!

Everlasting glory rests upon the meek and humble this day.

A single flicker, an extinguished flame, a precious mist goes forth...

Monday, February 25, 2008

Mere words are but utter folly!

Say them but once and a new journey full of hope and promise begins! Say them again to assure the promises that were made. Say them over and over until their meaning falls upon deaf ears.
The truth of the matter is profound in its very nature! Mockers and scoffers threaten them but must also yield. Their vulgar presence reminds us what not to covet.
Like a bird ready to take flight these feelings will never subside! The inner lining of the soul has but a single voice to share. The three are now reconciled into one.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Tempest of Indifference

Falling down from the tree of knowledge, the bruise to ego is oh too real!
A storm has awakened the lost hope of redemption, where to from this point begs your conscious?
Meandering through the streets of turmoil and despair, a burn to the ugly face of torment.
Society has pleased its little inner child yet again, trapped in a rotten cycle of mistrust.
Gripping the handle of new hope one step and then another, arriving at a simple but mandated conclusion...
The Tempest flails its angst at the forbidden.